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There have been many theories as to the nature of Christian Shephard. But after a great deal of research i have came to the conclusion that Mr Eko and Christian are...

The Same Being!!!

Before you scoff and start to come up with reasons why this cannot be, consider these facts;

180px-Rosaparks bus

Rosa Parks was not as courageous as Mr Eko, who dared to defy convention by riding in the tail section. (The Other 48 Days)

  1. Mr Eko and Christian are never in the same scene.
  2. Mr Eko was a priest. A Catholic priest. And Catholics are... Christian.
  3. In 24 Day Two, Christian tended to wear a white button up shirt that he kept buttoned somewhat low so his impressive chest would be shown. As did Mr Eko.
  4. Christian was forced to fly to the island in a coffin. Martin Luther King, Jr, would also likely to have flown to the island in a coffin. And to honor Dr. King's memory, Mr Eko rode in the back of the airplane, beacuse Rosa Parks would not have done that. Dr King was also a christian.
  5. Charlie was interested in helping Mr Eko build his church. Its likely that this project appealed to him because he was a...Christian
  6. Christian appeared to Michael on the Kahana right before his death. Michael was black, as was Mr Eko.
  7. Neither Christian or Mr Eko have any facial tattoos.
  8. Both characters are male.
  9. Both characters are biped humanoids, from the Terran system.
  10. Neither actor to play the character of Christian/Eko has appeared in Star Trek or X Files.
  11. When Jack followed Christian he discovered the caves. When you speak in a cave, your voice Ekos.
  12. Neither Christian or Eko has ever beaten Lou Ferrigno in a weightlifting contest.
  13. A wayward Christian is called a lost sheep. When you call for a lost sheep in the hills of Sweden you hear an echo. Echo is pronounced like Eko. The characters in question's names are Christian and Eko, and the series is called Lost. Coincidence? I think not.
  14. Christian met Ana Lucia during tough times and formed a friendship with her. Mr Eko also did these things.
  15. Mr Eko has a brother named Yemi. If you write the word Yemi phonetically, it becomes Yeah, he is a M E (Medical Expert). Which is a description of Christian.
  16. Mr Eko survived the tail section crash with Libby. During a Hurley flashback scene Libby was shown to be in a mental hospital. Christian worked in a hospital. Perhaps this is why Michael shot Libby.
  17. Mr Eko survived the tail section crash with Bernard. In a shocking twist Bernard was revealed to be a dentist before getting to the island. And Christian has really nice teeth, making it very likely he has recently been to the dentist.
  18. In the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights", actor John Terry (Christian) played CIA operative Felix Leiter. When Mr Eko used the dynamite from the Black Rock to try blowing the Hatch blast doors, he ignited the dynamite's fuse with a matches to throw viewers off the trail. John Terry was replaced in the last two Bond movies to feature the character of Felix Leiter by a black actor.
  19. Mr. Eko and Christian both have nipples and all 4 are vestigial. They are also both no where near as nice as rumor around the watercooler says Amanda's is.

There it is. Please add any more facts as they come to light about this startling revelation.